3 Atwell Court, Lindisfarne, Tasmania, 7015.

Design Process

Draft One


Discuss client’s brief and requirements, ideas, wish list (likes), dislikes, materials & budgets etc. Anything that helps in creating the client’s dream such as magazines pictures & photos should be brought to the meeting. A site inspection often occurs at the initial meeting. Consideration is to be given to views, neighbouring properties, prevailing winds, sun location, shading, and location of the building and best use of the land. Also to consider are privacy, setbacks and heights to Council planning scheme.

Draft One


A survey of the land & title plan will be undertaken and sketches completed for the client to see.

Draft One


Once the initial concept has been approved then accurate plans and 3D model can be produced. A development Application may need to be completed in case of discretions with planning rules or zoning requirements. Often a Development Application is not required as an initial meeting with the Council will suffice. A soil report can be initiated either before or after the concept plans are drawn.

Draft One


Once the plans are approved the working drawings (structural design) can be produced. This includes plumbing, electrical, detail drawings etc. The plans are then inspected by an engineer to be certified. The plans are then contracted to a building surveyor for inspection and certification. Council will then issue a plumbing & building permit.